My most frequently requested service is my Lightworker Session.  I combine my skills as a Creative Conduit Life Coach through the power of creative questioning, imagining, and sketching.  This helps prime my clients minds in order to unlock the big shifts that will ultimately transform their lives, and drive them towards their highest vision.  

My sessions are unique in that they are designed to bring out the detailed visualization that is necessary in order to SEE the shifts, and create a plan on HOW to realistically make the transformation.  Through this methodology my clients are able to make significant progress in achieving their goals.

Here's a list of the additional benefits my clients receive when working with me:

  • Stress reduction
  • Getting un-stuck in career and relationship matters
  • Gaining clarity on life purpose/life journey
  • Pinpointing clear career direction
  • Learning how to apply self love for a more enriching life
  • Help with major life transitions
  • Energetic healing
  • Knowing that they are fully heard, understood and supported

In addition to my Lightworker Session packages (*contact me for package details), I also offer the following services as a part of my practice:

  • Art Therapy - Where you literally 'draw out' the vision of your ideal life!  I combine the dynamics of talk therapy with sketching, doodles and coloring, and the results are powerful… talk about visualization at it's finest.  No need to be an artist, we just let your intuitive mind flow!
  • Healing Artwork - *Contact me for details
  • Client specific meditations -  I believe that meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have, and I love helping guide my clients to the one that will support them on their path, and speed them towards their highest potential.  
  • Grounding and breath work -  To aid in stress reduction, gain clarity, enhance focus and motivation.
  • Group coaching - There's power in numbers!  Look for upcoming group coaching sessions here!
  • Full and New Moon Women's Circles - Where we cycle with the moon... shedding away and letting go of what no longer serves us during the Full Moon, and power manifesting during the New Moon.  Made even more special while being upheld and nurtured in a supportive group of fellow Goddesses in a magical location.