Jennifer is a Certified Creative Conduit Life Coach and Lightworker who loves helping spiritually minded individuals draw out positive self-transformation.  She achieves this through the magic of thoughtful coaching and art therapy techniques, which she refers to as Lightworker Sessions.  

She incorporates over 15 years of experience and practice in meditation and yoga by assisting her clients in letting go of stress and increasing focus and motivation.  She does this through breath work and grounding techniques founded in Kundalini yoga.  She also offers client specific meditations that can further aid them in manifesting the life they're always dreamed of, but were just unsure of how to get there.  

She graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Minnesota with an Associates of Applied Art Science degree, and has worked for over 18 years in Art Direction at 2 major entertainment studios in Los Angeles.  Knowing the corporate system well, she helps other executives in their search for next steps, and new beginnings in manifesting their deeper soul calling.  

She creates Healing Artwork which serves as a talisman in her clients transformative journey, symbolizing the meaning behind the journey, and most importantly where they ultimately want to go in creating the highest vision of their best life. 

"I've been through the muck (and lemme tell ya, it was dir-ty!!), built up my confidence through an abundance of self-love, spent countless hours upon years looking on the inside and doing my inner work to get to the place I am today...  Feeling the bliss and joy of life, fully appreciating all that I have, and having an abundance of gratitude that I get to share my knowledge and light with others, in turn lighting them up and illuminating their path clearly."

When not coaching, Jennifer can most likely be found deep in the blissful dance of her yoga practice, sipping a delectable latte in Santa Monica (aka her hood!), daydreaming of Halloween and the magic that surrounds autumn, or letting it all go and rocking it out at a concert.  

"I like to find excitement and joy in the littlest of things every day, and to find unique ways of shining my light in order to bring happiness to not only myself but to all around me".    

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